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Data Privacy Notice

In accordance with RA 10173 or Data Privacy Act of 2012, I consent to the following terms and conditions on the collection, use, processing and disclosure of my personal data:

1. I am aware that HCDC collects, processes, uses and stores my personal and other permanent records as a student of the academic institution. These data include but are not limited to my demographic profile, government-issued documents, academic and non-academic records, co and extra-curricular activities engaged in, college entrance, medical and psychological tests result, etc.

2. In its pursuit towards the legitimate interest and functions as an educational institution, I give my consent to HCDC to collect, acquire, generate, process, store and share my personal data in any forms such as written, photographic, digital formats subject to regulatory and school policies.

3. I allow HCDC to collect additional information required in the performance of the school’s duties and obligations when needed.

4. I am aware and I give my consent that once I am already enrolled, DgDiary will collect and process the following data, specifically: full name, gender, program, year level, ID number, primary mobile number, secondary mobile number, HCDC e-mail address, enrolled subjects, assessment, and balances for the DgFee online fee collection system.

5. To ensure the protection of my rights as a data subject and towards efficient management of the organization’s records, I understand that Holy Cross of Davao College shall warrant me the rights as afforded by the Data Privacy Act of 2012.

6. I agree to report any concerns about collection, processing, use and storage of my personal data at or