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I, ______________________________________ , have enrolled in the course ____________________________________ at HCDC, located at Sta. Ana Avenue, cor. C. De Guzman, Brgy. 14-B, Davao City.

I understand that my initial admission is on provisional enrollment until I have submitted the original copies of the general admission requirements and course-specific requirements, if any, before the end of the _______ semester of school year ______________. 

I promise to follow the policies and guidelines of the program I am enrolled in, as well as the policies, rules, and regulations of the school throughout my stay at HCDC.


I hereby give my consent and recognize the authority of Holy Cross of Davao College (HCDC), in the pursuit of its legitimate interest and functions as an educational institution, to collect, process, record, organize, update or modify, retrieve, share, consult, use, block, and erase my personal and sensitive data (in any form, such as, but not limited to text, numeric, photographic, digital, and other forms) as part of my personal information.

I allow HCDC to collect and use my personal data such as but not limited to Directory information to contact me in relation to my pre-admission, enrollment, and other legitimate activities of the school.

I also affirm my right to be informed, access, update, rectify, obtain a copy, erasure or blocking of my personal data, object to processing, and to be indemnified in case of damages, and file a complaint according to the provisions of the Republic Act No. 10173 of the Philippines, Data Privacy Act of 2012 and its corresponding Implementing Rules and Regulations.

I have read and understood the contents of this form. I further agree that the data privacy consent and enrollment waiver is binding from the date signed and during my stay in Holy Cross of Davao College. 


_____________________________________                     ________________________

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PRIVACY NOTICE: All collected data will be kept secure and confidential, unless otherwise authorized by law. They will be disposed of as soon as the purpose for their use has been achieved. Only aggregate or anonymized data shall be subject to further processing. We respect your rights under the Data Privacy Act. Should you wish to invoke any such rights in relation to our processing of your personal data, or have inquiries, questions or clarifications relative to privacy and data protection, you may contact us at dpo@hcdc.edu.ph or registrar@hcdc.edu.ph